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Generating resources for your business

Clean, reliable, affordable electricity is yours in Burke County. We’re home to Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, now on track to be the highest output nuclear facility in the United States. Vogtle sits on the eastern edge of Burke County. It’s our largest employer and will benefit the region for decades to come with skilled jobs, corporate contributions and economic stability thanks to its role in building Burke County’s strong, secure tax base.

Competitive utility rates and reliable service are vital to the long-term success of any industry.  Companies locating in Burke County may take advantage of incentivized water, sewer, and natural gas rates offered by our local municipal provider, as well as competitive pricing for electricity and telecommunications from multiple service providers in the area.



Service Provider



City of Waynesboro


Natural Gas

City of Waynesboro



Georgia Power

Planters EMC





Planters Telecommunications




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