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Generating lower cost of living

If you’ve lived in a large metropolitan area, it’s safe to say that almost anything you want to buy will cost a little less in Burke County, Georgia. From groceries to gas to gift shops, our rural location means real savings every day. In fact, according to the website areavibes.com, with U.S. indices at 100, you’ll pay less for housing (46%), transportation (89%), utilities (90%), healthcare (93%) and groceries (91%). Overall cost of living here is nearly 16% less than the Georgia average and a whopping 20.3% less than the national average.

Cost of Living in Burke County

Those values also translate to business economies, as well. Power costs, labor costs, tax costs – it’s possible to save on all of these and more in Burke County. Talk to the Development Authority Burke County today to learn more. We can help transform your next project into a money-saving machine.

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