Burke County Development Authority. 241 East 6th Street, Waynesboro, GA 30830, Office: 706.554.2923,  Fax: 706.554.7091
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  • First in US output. Burke County is home to the highest output nuclear plant in the USA.
  • Second largest county. Burke County is the second largest county in Georgia by land area.
  • Number one state for business. Burke County offers the advantages of the USA's #1 state for business.

Energy, Incentives, Location and More.
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Burke County, Georgia is well positioned for the future. We’re home to what will be the highest-output reactor in the United States, so your business can always depend on affordable, pollution-free power and a stable, local economy. As Georgia’s second largest county by land area, there are plenty of attractive sites ready-made for business. Development Authority Burke County will help you plug into all the advantages offered by the USA’s #1 state for business. When you’re looking to relocate or expand, the right tools and information put your company in a powerful position. Burke County’s energetic and experienced team will work hard to help you generate business growth.

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Development Authority
Burke County
241 East 6th Street
Waynesboro, GA 30830
Office: 706.554.2923
Fax: 706.554.7091

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