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Generating corporate diversity

Major EmployersBurke County is home to a rich mix of companies. Plant Vogtle employs over 1,000 people who oversee electricity generation 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Alstom Grid provides the most advanced electrical grid solutions in the world (that’s important with electricity production expected to increase by around 80% in the next half century). FIAMM Energy produces industrial and solar nickel batteries as part of a global company with offices in 60 counties.

Sam Dong, a Korean firm, manufactures quality magnet wire products like winding and stator coils and solar and windmill generators. Purification Cellutions is a leading producer of carbon honeycombs used in air purification. Samsons manufactures draperies and is Walmart’s largest supplier of soft window coverings. Legion Industries, a Burke County fixture for sixty years, produces high-end stainless and copper cookware for chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

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