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Purification Cellutions Groundbreaking

Feb. 10, 2016

Source: The True Citizen

Purification Cellutions, LLC of Burke County broke ground on February 3rd for a new building expansion. Construction will take three years, and the addition will result in increased employment at the facility. The company, which manufactures pollution control filters for vehicles, has seen a significant increase in demand for its products because of changes in international regulations.

Ed Woodcock, president of Performance Metals said, "It's an exciting time for our business and I'm thrilled that the expansion will add over 100 new jobs for the Waynesboro community. This will help the local economy as businesses in the area will prosper from this growth as well."

Plant manager John Nichols said, "We are pleased to have been part of Burke County and Waynesboro for 14 years. We have an outstanding group of employees that work hard and help us in giving back to this great community. Thanks to each of our team members, whose dedication has made this possible."

Roy McKinney will oversee the expansion process at the Waynesboro facility.

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