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New Plan Unveiled to Promote County

Jan. 27, 2016

Source: The True Citizen

A delegation of statewide economic and community development project managers participated in the Burke County Development Authority’s (BCDA) community showcase event where the county's new logo and promotional branding plan was revealed.

Visitors from the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Georgia Power, Georgia Ports Authority, and the Georgia Department of Labor took part in a community familiarization tour, which included a windshield tour of the Waynesboro/Burke County Industrial Park. Participants were also given a walking tour of Plant Vogtle 1&2, as well as a driving tour of the construction sites for Vogtle 3&4.

Community leaders and elected officials welcomed these delegates to Burke County in an evening reception hosted by the BCDA’s development partner, Pattillo Industrial Real Estate. BCDA Executive Director Jessica Hood unveiled the organization’s new logo, tagline and website design.

MaryBeth Flournoy, statewide project manager for the Georgia Power Company, said, “A user-friendly website and a strong brand can be differentiators when telling a community’s story. Competition for projects, jobs and investment is intense. Burke County’s efforts to rebrand through their new marketing efforts and redesigned website are strong and will make a difference in positioning the area for future success.” Delegates wrapped up their visit to Burke County at Di-Lane Plantation, where they witnessed portions of the Georgia Open Quail Championship.

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