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Italian Company Acquires Former Sam Dong Facility

Feb. 13, 2019

Source: The True Citizen

A new manufacturer is coming to town to revive a factory that’s been vacated since 2016.

CMS, a company headquartered in Fisciano, Italy, recently completed the acquisition of the former Sam Dong building and plans to utilize the 200,000-square foot facility for the production of components for the automotive sector. According to CEO Joseph Ricciardelli, CMS Waynesboro will see the first production of stainless steel fuel tanks for MAGNA and BMW by the end of 2019.

The company’s initial investment of around $12 million will lead to the creation of 27 new local jobs over the next year, but Ricciardelli says they are already working on future production increases through new clientele.

Beginning in April, CMS Waynesboro will start the welding phase of its productions, and by September/October, they will begin the stamping process. By January, the company will be in full production.

“CMS Waynesboro represents only a further step within the company’s development model, based on the reconversion of disused production sites with the growth of local economies thanks to the creation of new job positions,” Ricciardelli said, noting that the company identifies itself as The Human Factory” with the motto, “We grow our people to grow the company.”

Founded in 1983, CMS has grown to be a leading manufacturer of manufacturing components through cold metal forming processes. Today, the company boasts more than 500 employees with a turnover of around $100 million. It has production plants in five locations in Italy. The Waynesboro addition marks its first venture in the United States.

“We are very pleased with the purchase,” said Preston Conner, who serves as chairman of the Burke County Development Authority. “This will mean more jobs for Burke County, and the Development Authority is looking forward to working with CMS. This company will be a big asset to our area.”

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