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Galaxy Expanding in Waynesboro

Oct. 4, 2017

Source: The True Citizen

A boom in online retail sales for major customers has prompted an immediate need for additional space and employees at one of Burke County’s oldest industrial employers.

Galaxy, along with its affiliate Samsons Manufacturing, is a subsidiary of S. Lichtenberg and Company. The company imports and distributes soft window coverings and home décor textile products for major customers like Walmart, Kohl's, Target and Amazon.

This week the company announced a $4.5 million expansion that will increase the facility’s current footprint of 290,000 square feet to almost 400,000. The additional investment and physical expansion of the facility will result in an additional 10 jobs, bringing the total employment number for the two facilities to approximately 150, according to owner Ric Lichtenberg.

“A significant shift in the way consumers shop has impacted the way we operate at our facility in Waynesboro. These days many shoppers are turning to online retail channels, which means that distributors like Galaxy must become much more responsive,” Lichtenberg says. “Now, we must be able to pick and ship certain items directly to the customer within a 24-hour window.”

Adapting to market conditions is not a new concept for decision makers at S. Lichtenberg and Company. On the horizon of the company’s 75th anniversary in 2008, S. Lichtenberg announced that all manufacturing operations at the Waynesboro facility would cease. At the time, many speculated that this may be the beginning of the end for this legacy employer in Burke County.

Now, exactly 10 years after this major announcement, the company finds itself experiencing significant growth, facilitating an immediate need to expand their footprint and employment base here in Waynesboro.

“This is our home,” said Lichtenberg. “The community and local partners have always been supportive of our operation here, and we look forward to seeing what the future brings.”

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