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Development Authority Plans for the Future

Dec. 27, 2017

Source: The True Citizen

The Development Authority of Burke County (DABC) aims to focus on a communitywide strategic plan, as well as increased communications in 2018, according to executive director Jessica Hood.

The DABC board of directors convened earlier this month to discuss a plan of action for the upcoming year. Those in attendance included city and county representatives, with discussions being led and moderated by Craig Lesser, former commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development and managing partner of The Pendleton Group.

Hood said, “Through these discussions, the DABC board and staff identified unique strengths of the community that can be used to promote Burke County to the world and weaknesses that may serve as a barrier to economic growth in the community.”

“The landscape of economic development has changed significantly over the past several years, and the priorities of companies looking to expand have changed, too,” says DABC Vice Chairman Preston Conner. “Economic development is truly a community effort, and we must be prepared to address barriers to economic growth and adapt to the needs of companies if we want to see positive results in the future.”

The DABC aims to work with municipal, academic and private sector partners to create a comprehensive community-wide strategic plan in 2018.

This exercise will foster increased communication between key community stakeholders and create a unified vision for the future of Burke County.

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