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Development Authority Partners with World Trade Center Savannah

Jul. 25, 2018

Source: The True Citizen

The Burke County Development Authority has partnered with the World Trade Center Savannah in hopes to accomplish business goals regionally and internationally.

“The Development Authority’s primary missions are to recruit industry and establish our current industries,” said Jessica Hood, the executive director. “Through that, the World Trade Center will help us get our name out regionally and internationally so we can recruit new international and foreign direct investments into Burke County.”

The World Trade Center is an international business and trade development organization that exists to help businesses facilitate foreign business trades and investment opportunities.

The World Trade Center’s association houses more than 300 Trade Centers in nearly 100 countries. Millions of businesses are currently linked to the centers globally. Some of its largest buildings are housed in foreign countries such as Beijing, Dubai, Istanbul and Bangalore.

Director of Trade Services Leigh Ryan said, “Our goal is to be a part of their team, to assist the development authority with any foreign direct investment opportunities that may come their way and to help the businesses in the community with their international strategies.” She added that they have also partnered with 15 other counties in hopes to increase their international division.

Hood said the mission of the development authority is to create jobs and capital investment within the community, and she hopes that the trade will bring about change in economic prosperity for their existing industries.

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